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Vintage Piet Tote #1


Large vintage piet jungle vine tote, in traditional shape, size and colors.

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A vintage piece discovered in the market. Back in the day, piet makers took time to soften the fibers by soaking them for days and then hooking the fibers into small, delicate knots. This technique is nearly lost. By paying fair prices to our artisan partners, we hope to resuscitate these skills. Meanwhile, vintage pieces like this one are our best examples of the incredible patience and skill required to make these bags. This piece also shows how big most piet bags actually are — making them versatile for carrying everything from wood to tools to herbs! In one of the images, Ms. Ven shows us how Khummu women carry their piet bags.

Piet jungle vine is an eco-friendly fiber found in northern Laos. Much like Japanese kudzu fiber, the vine is strong, earthy and durable. Khummu communities in northern Laos have been using piet to make bags and belts for generations. Traditionally, piet bags are used to carry wood, tools and for foraging. Hand crafted and naturally dyed by Mrs. Ven, a Khummu artisan who lives in Laos’ Oudomxay Province. Due to the handmade nature of the bag, sizes may vary slightly.

Material: piet jungle vine

Natural dye: ebony and indigo


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Dimensions 53 × 38 cm


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