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What is Tikkiwallah?

Tikkiwallah is an online bazaar. The items in the “bazaar” are textiles, handicrafts and cool objects that I like, made by people I meet. It is the coming together of my work as a travel writer and as a collaborator with makers and creatives I meet along the way.

Who is behind Tikkiwallah?

Me! I am Rachna, a writer, journalist and consultant based in Chiang Mai and (occasionally) Luang Prabang. My dear friend Laurel helps out as a behind-the-scenes investor and social media coordinator.

Why did you start Tikkiwallah?

Recent travel restrictions have impacted village-based and urban makers who rely on tourism-related sales. This is where I pitch in! I’ve also been thinking a lot about how artisans and crafts are represented in the marketplace. I want folks to understand that craftspeople have inherited skills that are “tools for life”, inherently functional, beautiful and well-designed. Innovation and good design aren’t modern conventions. (more on this later in the Journal)

Are your products fair trade?

Yes. While Tikkiwallah is not certified fair trade, business operations uphold fair trade protocols. Artisans and makers receive a fair, competitive rate for their products.

Why is your shipping fee so high?

It’s just a reality that is difficult to work around. That said, our shipping fees are on par with other small businesses in Thailand. There are two options for shipping: Thai Royal Post and DHL Express. 

Can I purchase something that says SOLD OUT?

Maybe? Possibly! Most items are one-of-a-kind or made in small batches.  Some items use up-cycled or repurposed fabrics. I’ll do our best to replicate an item or provide alternatives.

I don’t see my size. Can you make one for me?

Custom orders are definitely possible. Please contact me

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Please contact me


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